Production center

Elite tooling are constituted by each precision &perfect made part!Extra speedy & accurate machinery must be equipped for such high performance process technology.Professional and powerful manufacturing system is composed by an annual updating andworldwide sophisticated tooling manufacturing equipment. The hardware is originated from Germany Switzerland & Japan. And combined with ERP system and quality management software, every part completely reaches all specifications of design drawings and technical standards There is no restriction for any unique design from these world-wide sophisticated machines.Agile manufacturing facilities realize a perfect arrangement of schedule & progress.

Tunning Center

Extruders from Battenfeld-Cincinnati. Kra ssMaffei .Theysohn, Weber along with laboratory class downstream equipment & complete water coling syster which developed by NEXIOOL can simulate various client workshop conditions and do fine tuning& pre-acceptance at site. By this way, clients cost of tuning and time could be greatly saved, and NEXIOXOL also get valuable data to make future R&D